At Deep Silver FISHLABS, you will not only contribute on great gaming projects, but also work hand in hand with amazing people. Feel free to browse the intoductions below to get to know some faces and get an idea of who your future colleagues will be.


A Senior UI Designer with over 12 years of experience in the industry, Dan came all the way from the US to Germany to work for Deep Silver FISHLABS. His mission: To facilitate the creation of UIs in our games and to turn complex information into usable interface designs. His hobbies include traveling, playing the Switch and exploring Hamburg’s vivid bar scene. He also holds the unofficial record for visiting the most Christmas fairs in one day (including having at least one cup of mulled wine at each of them).



Denis started at Deep Silver FISHLABS as an intern in September 2014 and was kept on in a permanent position afterwards. An artist through and through, he constantly thrives to refine his craft and express his creativity, both in the studio working on high-quality gaming assets and at home tackling 3D projects of his own. Hiking, running and martial arts help him clear his head in-between the many artistic ventures in which he is involved.



Jan loves to rack his brains. As a gamer, he constantly thrives to refine the tactics he applies in the many strategy games in his enormous Steam backlog. And as a professional, he always looks for new ways to solve technical puzzles and figure out the best ways to create top-notch effects from complex interactions of shaders, particles and game logic. When he’s not supporting our dev team as a Technical Artist, he is pretty immersed in the Unreal Engine community, actively participating in various groups and engaging in lively exchange with other techies.



Johannes is our Head of Core Technologies. He has been working in the games industry for no less than 10 years, almost half of which he spent at our studio. Never shying back from a challenge, he finds particular joy in solving difficult problems and creating powerful technology that is easy to use. Ever wondered why our games run smooth and stable across such a broad range of platforms and devices? The answer is simple: It’s because of this man and his team.



Junior walks one path, has two daughters, eats for three and plays dozens of games. An industry veteran with 10 years of experience, he joined Deep Silver FISHLABS in August 2017 to foster an environment where great teams are born and make sure everybody is having the time of their lives while working hand in hand on exciting projects. When he’s not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, sitting behind the drums and nerding out to old beat ‘em ups like Captain Commando or Cadillac Dinosaurs.