Galaxy on Fire 3

[  Space action shooter  |  Single player  |  Free  |  iOS & Android  ]

Enter the hazardous Neox Sector and take down the galaxy’s most wanted criminals in spectacular dogfights! Dodge in-coming missiles with perfectly timed barrel rolls and dash through the ramifications of giant space stations. And once your shields are up again, strike back and give ‘em hell!


  • A universe in your pocket: Play the 3rd installment of the pioneering GOF saga
  • Give ‘em hell: Defeat 25+ ruthless bosses and their trigger-happy henchmen
  • A stunning game world: Explore 50+ stunning locations and unlock
  • new areasGear up: Fly 25+ spectacular ships and mount 30+ powerful weapons
  • A connected experience: Hire your friends’ ships as wingmen