Our Mission


At Deep Silver FISHLABS, we not only make games. We live games. Having grown up with gamepads in our hands, we still hold the classics of our teenage days in high esteem. And having kept that passion alive throughout the years, we love the smash hits of today as much as we cherish the cult games of yore.


As craftsmen and professionals, we strive to create outstanding gaming experiences for console, PC and mobile – based on internationally recognized brands, made with state-of-the-art technology and processes, pushing the boundaries for what is possible. And as fans and gamers, we only tackle projects that we fully believe in – constantly questioning our methods, never settling for second best and always giving it all we got.


But we are not in this alone. As part of the THQ Nordic / Deep Silver family of developing studios in the EU, GB and US, we belong to a world-leading publishing powerhouse that owns a rich repository of best-selling IP, has strong ties with the market’s top players and has a proven track record of launching hit titles across all platforms. No matter how far the voyage or how stormy the sea, we are intent and ready to brave the waves!